Federation Policies


Admissions Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Absence Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Anti-Bullying Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Anti-Racism Policy (Revie Spring 2021)

Assessment Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Attendance Policy (Review Spring 2022)

Behaviour Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Behaviour Written Statement of Principles (Review Summer 2021)

Bereavement Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Business Continuity Plan (Review Autumn 2020)

Business Impact Analysis Morley CofE VA School (Review Summer 2021)

Business Impact Analysis Tacolneston (Review Summer 2021)

Calculation Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Charging Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Cluster Travel Policy (Review Spring 2022)

Collective Worship Policy (October 2017)

Complaints Procedure (Review Autumn 2020)

Confidentiality Policy (Review Summer 2023)

COVID19 Compliance code for all educational settings Autumn Term

COVID-19 Educational Settings – Management of Cases Guidance

COVID-19 Management of cases risk assessment and checklist.

Data Protection Policy (Review Summer 2021)




Data Retention Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Discipline Procedure (Review Autumn 2020)

Education Visits and Trips Policy (Review Summer 2021)

English Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

E-Safety Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Exclusion Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Extended Schools Policy (Review Summer 2021)

EYFS Policy (Review Spring 2021)


First Aid Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Freedom of Information Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Guidance for Safer Working Practice (Autumn 2019)

Governor Monitoring Policy (Review Autumn 2022)

Health & Safety Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Homework Policy (Review Autumn 2021)

Improving Attendance and Ill Health Absence Management Policy (Review February 2021)

Internet, Social Networking and Email Use Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Intimate Care Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Learning and Teaching Policy (Summer 2019)

Looked After Children Policy (Summer 2019)

Lone Working Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Lunchtime Supervision Policy (Review Spring 2022)

Marking Policy (Review Spring 2022)

Maths Policy Spring (Review 2021)


Medical Conditions Policy (Review Summer 2021)

NQT Induction Policy September 2018

Online Safety Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Pay Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Performance Management Policy- Teaching Staff (Review Spring 2021)

Performance Appraisal Policy and Procedure Support Staff (Review Spring 2021)

Photograph and Video Guidelines (Review Spring 2021)

Physical Education Policy (Review Spring 2023)

Positive Handling policy (Review Autumn 2020)

PSHE Policy (Review Summer 2023)

Recruitment and Selection Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Religious Education Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Safeguarding Policy Autumn 2020 (Review Autumn 2021)

Safe Touch Policy (Review Summer 2021)

Security Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

SEND (Cluster) Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Single Equality and Disability Plan (Review Spring 2023)

SMSC Policy (Review Spring 2023)

Staff Privacy Notice (Review Spring 2022)

Staffing Adjustments Policy (Review Spring 2021)

Subject Leadership Policy (Review Autumn 2021)

Whistleblowing Policy (Review Autumn 2020)

Work Placements Policy (Review February 2021)